Another PROFITABLE Night.., the NUMBERS Don’t Lie!!!

3:58pm EST

A little over 1/3 through June and we are Well on the an_burn_money PLUS Side   an_burningbag… OUR GOAL is to turn a MONTHLY PROFIT .. Sign up as an Exclusive Member and ENJOY not only Mushy’s Monthly Profit GUARANTEE., But also receive for a limited time 24/7 “MUSH LINE” Direct Phone Service.. Delivering up to the Minute Information!


1-1 Monday Night +150 Marlins!! Picked up ANOTHER 1/2 Unit!!!

If you don’t like Excitement…You have no business being here an_getaway

After Marlins Play was a final and intheBAGsports,.. We were taking a 5-0 Lead with the Pirates into the 7th inning…When the WHEELS flew off the Wagon…(Baseball is a very analytical game and thus fairly predictable while unfolding..typically speaking if you put 6 Runs on the board..You’re going to win 85+% of the time..) Diamondbacks bats got Super Hot/Pirates relievers coughed up a fur ball.. a combo of both, ALL SPELLED one thing..Don’t go spending those winnings until you cash that Ticket..

FULL MLB LATE SCHEDULE today!! Skip inside for some insightful plays.. MUSHY can’t miss Today!!!

Mushy – “A Commitment to Excellence”

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