2-0 Monday!!! Yanks Cruised to Victory for us….

12:32pm EST

No time to celebrate getting back in the “W” Column last eve riding the Bombers in a Wire to Wire Winner!!! Need to continue on a steady path as we make our way back to posting a profit for August.

Looking at a Very Attractive day of OPPORTUNITIES on the Board. Full Schedule that should be nothing shy of LUCRATIVE new_money_eyes


Please don’t MISS OUT on Mushy’s Dash back this week..UN-burying ourselves from what proved to be a Rough start to August… KEY isn’t how you start…But How You FINISH!! Guaranteed to turn a Monthly Profit, intheBAGsports.com is committed to a Core Set of Values that we unwaveringly Stand Behind!

Trust. Integrity. Transparency. Confidence. Honesty.


cloverBOLcloverMake it ANOTHER Profitable Day!!clover



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