Taken out by Military Appreciation Day…0-1 Sunday

2:56pm EST

BONED best describes the machete we walked into Sunday as Philly just LAYED DOWN for the Padres. Phillies plain and simple DON’T have the STUFF to get it done these days, and should be looking up at the Atlanta Braves in the Division the remainder of the Season!

Lots of AMAZING Baseball on the late schedule today…including Yanks/Mets matchup.. Dodgers/Giants Matchup… Cards/Nats, cards riding a 5 game Winning Streak..and our favorite Padres hosting L.A. Angels… Great Matchups that will prove to Line the pockets of Mushy and his Faithful!!! Please come inside for the small price of just $5 Bucks.. WINNERS!!!! period.

cloverBEST OF LUCK clover


It’s Either In the BAG….or YOU’RE JUST PLAYIN’ GAMES!!




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