4:07pm EST

0-1 Last Eve.. Dodgers Cubs Matchup last Eve was cancelled due to Weather not cooperating.


Today included… 12 opportunities remaining in June to make this a PROFITABLE MONTH! Mushy hasn’t exactly been lighting it up the past 5 days.. but that is Par for the course as they say.. And can change in a MOMENTS Notice…

With a FULL LATE SLATE Today.. We see OPPORTUNITIES ABOUND!!! Don’t miss out on Mushy’s Late month RUN!!! Guaranteed to see some RETURNS for our LOYAL FOLLOWERS..Please JOIN the MOVEMENT.., as we have requested the assistance of HIGHER POWERS today to GAIN THE EDGE..


cloverBEST OF LUCK clover

It’s Either In the BAG….or YOU’RE JUST PLAYIN’ GAMES!!
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6:30pm EST

Letting us DOWN on Dad’s Day… Thought we were always cool?!

Your Season’s OVER! Mushy’s calling on the Baseball Gods to Rain down the Losing Streak to end all SLIDES!! We will definitely be FADING San Diego from here on out…

Short late schedule on this TGIM and Mushy is certain that We’re on the RIGHT SIDE of 2 Home Teams this eve…an_woo

Don’t miss out on a MUSHY Streak… after dropping a few, we’ve got the Foresight to KNOW We’re COMING BACK STRONG!!!!


Grab a Bowl and head inside for what’s sure to be a GOLDEN Knight!!new_money_eyes





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11:09am EST lookin’ back

Sunday, the DAY of rest and Relaxation… and a SPECIAL Father’s Day Pot of MUSH just for DAD!

Baseball, can seem like a coin toss with the Unpredictable nature of the BEAST at times…and factor in some of these HUGE $ Money Lines the “books” have been throwing up… Like walking into a Spinning Airplane Propeller new_anvil


Luckily we were able to curb some of that risk yesterday with Arizona’s Run Line +120. (-180 game time money line.. that was a Loser right out of the gate)


The Amazing Mushy Man is in the TRENCHES right beside You!

TRAPS, PITFALLS, and Psychological Attempts by the

ODDS MAKERS to SPIN your Decision Making and Thought Process at EVERY TURN…


Mushy couldn’t be MORE confident in a 3-0 day!…please join us Inside for what SHOULD BE A PADRES DAY TO REMEMBER!!! (ONLY $5 Bucks for 2 WEEKS of Quick Picks!!)


cloverBOLcloverMake it A Profitable Day!!clover

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3:25pm EST

Great!! that was last night..an_dance

Who GIVES a F*CK??? What have you done for me TODAY you Ask??


Mushy has been HARD an_smash at WORK… Slaving over a HOT POT of MUSH!!! DON’T miss out…Saturdays Slate is sure to Drop some Dead Presidents in the Wallet an_burn_money


Grab a Bowl and head inside for a RARE Late play that doesn’t HAPPEN EVERY DAY!!!!


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4:45pm EST

Mushy is GOING to COME BACK with a VENGEANCE!!!

Post ’em when they’re GOOD.., and Post ’em when we Eat Sh*t!


Full Afternoon Baseball Schedule…will get us Healthy TODAY.., 3 – Key Games that we are seeing TREMENDOUS Value in Tonite!!

Grab a bowl and head inside…an Artisan Pot of MUSH that’s sure to line YOUR stomach and wallet  an_burningbag




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1:09pm EST
1-2 Yesterday.. just shy of a 1 UNIT loser..


Could have been significantly worse except for the Fact that mushy put us on the RL-Run Line (+105) of the Yankees/Washington matchup.. as the Bombers (Heavy Fav’s) lost outright.. (saved -075 / Yanks were -175) which In many a solid way to curb those Large Favorite Money Line HITS an_smash .. (50+% of the time if Fav Win’s.. wins by more than 1 Run)

Just SUCKS NUTSACKS when your Team Wins..and YOUR RL game Loses new_crying2


Remember, if WINNING were easy… EVERYONE would be doing It!!!!


Key is to Stay in the GAME.. NOT to get frustrated as most players do at some point.. And BLOW yourself UP an_bomb


Discipline, Money Management, Risk Management, and solid Intelligence Reports!!! as a Player, we MUST Arm ourselves with Every Single EDGE possible..

-Mushy’s YOUR Edge!!!

**Log in to OUR Members Only Section for a “Quick Pick” (Only $5 BUCKS for 2 weeks!!) that’s sure to make you say … UHHHHHH!!!!

Now go Get’em TIGER!!!!!!new_anvil


cloverBOLcloverMake it ANOTHER Profitable Day!!clover

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12:24pm EST


Thanks to the MUSHY FISH aftertaste… Marlins (+110) paid off AGAIN!! Called scrapin’ the bottom of the barrel…

Miami 25 42 .373

Don’t think MUSHY is brave enough to attempt that trick Yet with the Orioles, Currently owners of THE WORST RECORD in BASEBALL!! 19-47 (.288) and RIDING a 6 – GAME Losing streak! Probably not the WORST idea to FADE this Triple-A Squad..Until they PROVE they belong in the Majorsan_smash

a BASIC Baseball betting strategy that we like to Carefully Follow…Focuses STRICTLY on the TREND of riding STREAK’s of 3., Any team on a 3 game streak..Winning or Losing.. RIDE streak until it BREAKS…(just to be clear.. once 3 is established..You are riding Game 4 and on..)


                  W  L  PCT  GB  WCGB  L10  STRK


Baltimore 19 47 .288 26.0 23.0 2-8 L6
Seattle      43 24 .642     –     – 8-2 W3
Houston    43 25 .632 0.5      – 7-3 W6
LA Angels 37 31 .544    6.5   6.0 6-4 L3
Texas          27 42 .391 17.0 16.5 3-7 L5
Arizona       37 29 .561    –    – 8-2 W5
Colorado       32 34 .485 5.0 5.0 2-8 L5


This is a No Brainer way to not MISS OUT on those fun RIDES baseball teams seem to take…

Proceed with CAUTION as always… and for MORE Mushy insight and analysis.. Grab a Bowl and head on INSIDE to see which Streak’s “The Mush” is lasering in on..



cloverBEST OF LUCK clover


TRAPS, PITFALLS, and Psychological Attempts by the

ODDS MAKERS to SKEW your Decision Making and Thought Process at EVERY TURN…

Don’t try to Go It ALONE!!!

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3:58pm EST

A little over 1/3 through June and we are Well on the an_burn_money PLUS Side   an_burningbag… OUR GOAL is to turn a MONTHLY PROFIT .. Sign up as an Exclusive Member and ENJOY not only Mushy’s Monthly Profit GUARANTEE., But also receive for a limited time 24/7 “MUSH LINE” Direct Phone Service.. Delivering up to the Minute Information!


1-1 Monday Night +150 Marlins!! Picked up ANOTHER 1/2 Unit!!!

If you don’t like Excitement…You have no business being here an_getaway

After Marlins Play was a final and intheBAGsports,.. We were taking a 5-0 Lead with the Pirates into the 7th inning…When the WHEELS flew off the Wagon…(Baseball is a very analytical game and thus fairly predictable while unfolding..typically speaking if you put 6 Runs on the board..You’re going to win 85+% of the time..) Diamondbacks bats got Super Hot/Pirates relievers coughed up a fur ball.. a combo of both, ALL SPELLED one thing..Don’t go spending those winnings until you cash that Ticket..

FULL MLB LATE SCHEDULE today!! Skip inside for some insightful plays.. MUSHY can’t miss Today!!!

Mushy – “A Commitment to Excellence”

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3:05pm EST

Thank you Mets Pitching Staff an_praise.. Public was POUNDING Yank’s so hard yesterday afternoon that the Money Line Ballooned before game went off, upwards of +225.. Allowing Mushy to turn a .500 DOG DAY into a POT OF GOLD!!


Short 1/2 MLB schedule today …Diamond Slate on any given day resembles more of a Mine Field an_bomb and Thus,..Must Navigate w/ CAUTION… Grab a Bowl and head inside for what PROMISES to be ANOTHER PROFITABLE dog🐶 DAY!!!

(Only have to hit 1 of these to have a nice day.. Hit Both, and YOU’RE in the new_money_eyes)


Mushy an_woo– Don’t leave home without him!!!!



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2:41pm EST

Quick Pick has been EN FUEGO!!  an_burn_money

Can it continue???

Couple late inning Rallies kept us from turning the Profit we were looking for Yesterday…But ONLY find ourselves down 1/2 unit with Detroit coming through at 1.5 to 1!!.. Very important when playing the Diamonds to be CONSISTENT with unit play.. with money line odds fluctuating between even money and 1 to 2, 2.5 on any given day..Disciplined money management is the ONLY way to stay In the GAME!!

Come inside and hang w “The Family” on this Lazy Sunday…Mushy is Determined to find a 2-0 UNDERDOG Day on the Afternoon MLB Schedule..



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