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Mushy is starting to pick up STEAM these days as his Clairvoyance is at heightened levels of Accuracy!!! Sure makes watching a Heck of a lot more FUN when you’re on the RIGHT SIDE of these EXCITING matchups..

NBA starts back up TODAY!!! All 4 Sports are in ACTION.. Just an amazing time of year not to be underappreciated.

looking at 1 Play this eve that WILL CONTINUE to keep us in the “W” column. Don’t pass by the Opportunity to WIN.. Only $5 Bucks and you can Follow (or fade) Mushy’s Documented WINNERS!!! 14 days of the BEST PLAYS ON THE PLANET!! ONLY $5.00…


Bulldozing Franchises an_smash and Mowing Down Teams new_jaw_dropSince 1991



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5:30pm EST


Baseball is ONLY starting to look Better and Better as it will soon be the Majority of our Attention and FOCUS Here…and when Mushy Focuses.., Hide all Your FLAMMABLES an_burningbag


NBA Season looks like it will be following suit right behind the NHL, Correct???


Can LeBron James put 11 Grown men on his wide Shoulders and carry them to Victory??


Some incredibly strange action taking place at the BOOKS Today, here in Vegas!


Pop inside for a unique perspective and analysis of what’s going on…and how you can CAPITALIZE!!!


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Within 24 Hours!!!?!?!?!?!?


Grab your hanky new_crying2Sport Fans…??

Luckily .., in 7 days.. 2018 World Cup ⚽ – “The Beautiful Game” should help Ease some of the Pain…


BUT, thats still a week away… We NEED Nourishment TODAY!!!!

Mushy has some betting strategies that are GUARANTEED to PAYOFF!! (these Elimination opportunities DON’T HAPPEN EVERYDAY!!!!)

Come inside Friends…Mushy is laying down a GOLDEN Walkway … and like always…Doin’ it with a Smile🤑

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The LACKLUSTER performance that the Cavaliers displayed at Oracle in Game 2 is Surely to carry over to the Home Court Right?? Player for Player, position to position, Except for Lebron James, the Warriors are just more talented. At any point in the Game they appear to be able to turn it On and Off like a faucet.. How in the world can the Cav’s possibly rebound from Game 1’s Debacle and Game 2’s THRASHING?? Those guys Look Demoralized… and possibly know inside their own heads that THEY CAN’T WIN,.. New Trap City?!?!?

Find out Inside what “The Family” thinks and Get this EXCLUSIVE PICK tomorrow Only

in our QUICK PICK / Registered User section (ONLY $5 Bucks!! for 2 weeks.. 1st week FREE)

Warriors are Presently a 4.5 pt Favorite (as of 6:45 EST 6/5/18)

Don’t go it ALONE… Traps and Pitfalls EVERYWHERE… and These Lines are EXTRA SHARP Now!!!

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The long awaited day has finally arrived: Welcome to In The Bag Sports. Thank you for visiting and supporting our club. If you’re unfamiliar with who we are and what we’re here to do, please check out Our Story & Mission Statement.

We’re different than the other clubs out there. They learned how to take your money by watching the casinos do it; they’ll give out both sides of a play to ensure they always win, and are fine with only 50% of their players happy on any given night. We’re here because we have the experience and stones to do better. Our picks consistently win; Our track record is currently showing an outstanding 70% win rate! Anyone in the betting world can review our record of picks right here on this site at any time, to see what our players are winning. And what you would be winning by joining the club.

Another distinguishing factor is that we don’t just post a play without some supporting insight as to why we are on a particular side and what we anticipate will occur. We stand by our picks, and are proud of our record and our judgment. Join us today to get an edge, or read more about how we do it.

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