6:10pm EST

Capitals enter the 3rd period up 2-1… then a barrage of goals that put this one away comfortably for the home team…

No Excuses.. just Winners!! and a few losers…

Looking at 1 late NBA matchup tonight that we CAN’T MISS ONan_woo…Only $5 Bucks Delivers this Exclusive Members Only “W”!!!



Bulldozing Franchises an_smash and Mowing Down Teams new_jaw_dropSince 1991



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5:06pm EST

Redskins were up 10-7 and on their way when Colt McCoy went down and in comes Mark Sanchez… Enough Said…GOOD NIGHT!!!

Looking at the Stanley Cup Finals Rematch this eve as Las Vegas hosts the Capitals who have FOND Memories of their Partying Days spent there just a short 6 mos ago…

Don’t miss out on this Tuesday Night NHL WINNER!!! Only $5 Bucks and you’re in the CLUB… 14 days of Members Only Access… Still just $5.00!!!an_woo




Bulldozing Franchises an_smash and Mowing Down Teams new_jaw_dropSince 1991



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3:51pm EST

Just another day at the office as the Capitals took care of Business last night handling the Golden Knights in dominating fashion.. an_wooEasy Winner as promised.. Need Another??

We have Tonights RIGHT SIDE as the Eagles head 45 mins North to take on the Giants in another edition of Thursday Night Football!! Don’t play this one without consulting with us first… Only $5.00 Bucks Delivers this Winner + 13 days of unparalleled Mushy Action.. Don’t pass up AMAZING OFFER.. Best Deal in the BUSINESS!! Real Documented Plays!! WINNERS!!!!

ONLY $5.oo!!!



Bulldozing Franchises an_smash and Mowing Down Teams new_jaw_dropSince 1991


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4:24pm EST

In a game that offered ALL THE DRAMA that any Baseball fan could ever ask for… Red Sox defeated the Yankees and proved that they were the team to beat in the American League. Very light day of action see’s only NBA preseason and NHL active… Looking at the NHL tonight as the Vegas Golden Knights visit the Washington Capitals for a Rematch of last Seasons Stanley Cup Finals..

Don’t miss out on this Guaranteed Winner as Mushy has the INSIDE SCOOP on this intriguing matchup.. Only $5 Bucks get this Winner + 13 days of action.. Don’t play this game without checking in with us FIRST.. Let’s make it a PROFITABLE DAY!!!

cloverBEST OF LUCK clover


It’s Either In the BAG….or YOU’RE JUST PLAYIN’ GAMES!!

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5:30pm EST


Baseball is ONLY starting to look Better and Better as it will soon be the Majority of our Attention and FOCUS Here…and when Mushy Focuses.., Hide all Your FLAMMABLES an_burningbag


NBA Season looks like it will be following suit right behind the NHL, Correct???


Can LeBron James put 11 Grown men on his wide Shoulders and carry them to Victory??


Some incredibly strange action taking place at the BOOKS Today, here in Vegas!


Pop inside for a unique perspective and analysis of what’s going on…and how you can CAPITALIZE!!!


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Within 24 Hours!!!?!?!?!?!?


Grab your hanky new_crying2Sport Fans…??

Luckily .., in 7 days.. 2018 World Cup ⚽ – “The Beautiful Game” should help Ease some of the Pain…


BUT, thats still a week away… We NEED Nourishment TODAY!!!!

Mushy has some betting strategies that are GUARANTEED to PAYOFF!! (these Elimination opportunities DON’T HAPPEN EVERYDAY!!!!)

Come inside Friends…Mushy is laying down a GOLDEN Walkway … and like always…Doin’ it with a Smile🤑

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Knights ACTUALLY CAME to Play…and Started the game ON FIRE!!! Only problem was that they had ZERO luck on their side Hitting the GOAL POST 3 mins into the game THEN missing a WIDE OPEN NET…You had to know at that point that their BEST chance for getting off to a good start and having a chance to take game 4 went RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW… and the onslaught BEGAN… 3-0 after the 1st… NEVER TO LOOK BACK….

Experience, Luck, Psychic Ability…??? How DOES MUSHY DO IT????!!!!


Who gives a CRAP!!! Just keep on KEEPIN’ ON!!!!!!



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The long awaited day has finally arrived: Welcome to In The Bag Sports. Thank you for visiting and supporting our club. If you’re unfamiliar with who we are and what we’re here to do, please check out Our Story & Mission Statement.

We’re different than the other clubs out there. They learned how to take your money by watching the casinos do it; they’ll give out both sides of a play to ensure they always win, and are fine with only 50% of their players happy on any given night. We’re here because we have the experience and stones to do better. Our picks consistently win; Our track record is currently showing an outstanding 70% win rate! Anyone in the betting world can review our record of picks right here on this site at any time, to see what our players are winning. And what you would be winning by joining the club.

Another distinguishing factor is that we don’t just post a play without some supporting insight as to why we are on a particular side and what we anticipate will occur. We stand by our picks, and are proud of our record and our judgment. Join us today to get an edge, or read more about how we do it.

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Pivotal GAME 4 TONIGHT!!!!!

This game is the MOST important game of the series and more importantly the largest game of their Lives for the  players on the Ice..Thought the Nerves kicked in Game 1? Hostile Capital One Arena will be salavating like a starved wild Beast.. able to taste it’s prey..

The Hopes and Dreams of 2 very deserving communities are riding on every Face Off and Slap Shot .. the question is.. will Vegas be going home tied up 2-2 or facing elimination Down 3-1?!?!new_head_hit

please come join “The Family” share your thoughts and insight.. Mushy has been studying this matchup closely and has Zeroed in on a few keys ? to the game that should put us on the right side Right out of the Gate.. and you’ll know it!!!

Register now to get our pick!

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