World Cup 2018

5:54pm EST

Wake UP West Coast… 5 AM Futbol!!!!

Couple things to remember when betting World Cup Action… All of these teams had to Earn their way into the Tournament, So even though talent levels might vary Drastically from team to team.. you can be certain that a Couple of these LONG shots are bound to Hit…

Secondly, World Cup Action see’s its fair share of matches that end in a DRAWs.. Thirdly, Goal differential is factored into the standings (along with Wins and Draws of course) when determining if a team moves on in tournament or Not! So if a teams gets the chance to Run up the score (Hello Russia! 5-0 this am) they Will.

Lastly, the Teams that are suppose to win Usually Do! Somehow the SUPERSTARS of the sport save their VERY BEST for these contests, Thus look for the Big Name players to Rise to the occasion..


8am EST Egypt (+550) vs Uruguay (-250) Draw (+260) on FS1

11am EST Morocco (+115) vs Iran (+215) Draw (+175) on FOX

2pm EST Portugal (+290) vs Spain (-135) Draw (+220) on FOX



Based on the Odds above…one can Assess the probability/outcome of a given match based on “The BOOKS” valuation of a Club..Spain 9/2 vs Portugal 25/1… One can justify the present line ..

And Mushy can Justify “Laying the Wood” here..


Spain -135 an_getaway


cloverBOL Friday AM!!clover

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3:03pm EST


ONLY 4 Long Years in the making!!!




11:00am EST on FOX

Start Time… Only 1 GAME Tomorrow on Opening Day!!!

06/14 11:00 AM
225201 Sa. Arabia
225202 Russia
225203 Draw



1st Half LINE****


225201 Sa, Arabia
225202 Russia
225203 Draw




Russia is a fairly heavy Favorite to win this game.. But to lead at Halftime..almost an Even Money Play…

Mushy is seeing some REAL VALUE here in Saudi Arabia +650 FIRST HALF LINE!!

Play this one on the lighter side and you might just be up Nicely before NOON Time (EST) an_burn_money 



cloverBOLclover Profit like a PROPHET!!!

Bulldozing Franchises an_smash and Mowing Down Teams new_jaw_dropSince 1991

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