Mission Statement:

To win consistently and ethically, by providing sound and solid information and advice to the active sports bettor. We achieve this goal through time tested strategically evaluated, money management/risk management techniques, as well as a passionate commitment to honesty and integrity.

Trust. Integrity. Transparency. Confidence. Honesty.

We take it seriously when we get it right. We take responsibility when we get it wrong.

Our Story

With nearly four decades of experience under our belt, at In The Bag Sports, we have our finger on the pulse of the sports betting world. We’re headquartered minutes from where hundreds of millions of dollars change hands daily, in fabulous Las Vegas Nevada; The Mecca for all those chasing Big Dreams. And we’re here to help you get yours on the right track.

A strange phenomenon occurs when a player begins to lose. His or Her judgement goes out the window, along with discipline. The next thing you know, you’re watching every game you touch turn to Mush. You can’t pick a winner if your life depends on it. You are going 4,5,6,7… 10 to 12 deep, with no end in sight. The phenomenon of The Mush makes regular the occurrence of Beginner’s Luck and if you don’t get to a clinic like intheBAGsports, you’re going to get chewed up and spit out. The stress brought on by losing not only takes on a financial toll. But equally if not more menacing a psychological toll.

You don’t want to go there. However, if you’ve already been there., you don’t want to go back. Break the cycle by calling in your own personal calvary.

If someone is losing almost every game, rest assured there is someone out there winning almost every game. We breed those kinds of winners here, and you can flip the tables and join this family, to regain your edge and claim your profit. We’re an interwoven network of players, bonded together through a common goal and experience on the battlefield, WE are on a never ending quest to gain the edge, stay above water, and turn a profit through unity.

Betting on sports is extremely difficult. There are traps everywhere; the lines are often designed to psychologically skew the player’s judgement, among many other manipulations you can’t see, until it’s too late. Without the proper guidance and assistance, it can quickly turn into a mentally and financially exhausting hobby. And when that fatigue takes over and makes you gun shy, second guessing every decision like it’s life or death, you can’t tell the difference between the treasure and a trap anymore, and that’s when The Mush has a hold of you.

Winners are able to shake off those natural tendencies and spot the traps, seeing the field with clarity. We’re always steadfastly following and studying the large betting syndicates’ moves to exploit holes in the lines. Remember, the odds makers aren’t really attempting to predict the final score; although at times they appear to have an uncanny ability to do so, their true target is that sweet spot to entice equal action on both sides, to collect the vig.

But everything moves fast, even for the big players and odds makers, and holes in the schedule on any given day exist. It’s not easy to find the 2-5 winning opportunities out of a 12-15 game schedule on a given day, but that’s our dedication and obsession. We eat, drink, and sleep for nothing other than this quest for betting perfection. One look at our track record will show you that it’s paying off for everyone in the club. Join us, and you’re going to have the edge, that next guy doesn’t have. We don’t win every game, but we do nail most of them. And we know how to spot a trap, while swinging from the tree tops.

What Makes In The Bag Different?

We’ve developed proprietary tools and strategies that have been earning for years. We look at everything from the pure mathematics, and batteries of thousands of computer-simulated plays from our state-of-the-art Mush software, to the huge $ ticket writer plays, the consensus plays that need to be faded, the experience plays, the different level plays, and all of the relevant data, that we can get our hands on.

We work with the Infamous Bobby V. Bobby isn’t a handicapper; He is a consultant to the casinos and actually makes/sets the lines.

We reside and work out of Las Vegas. Our day to day office is the various sports books all over this Mecca for sports betting. We get the inside scoop from the ticket writers handling hundreds of thousands of dollars in action daily. We know when the big money players make the move and on who.

It all boils down to one thing: Experience. And that’s something you need to pay for, one way or another.

If you have a regular job and aren’t spending as much time “capping” as you are working, then you probably are playing at a disadvantage. Professional results require professional time being invested in those results. Add In The Bag’s time and effort to your arsenal by joining today.

And if you can’t invest the time or money to gain that edge, stay on the sidelines and save yourself from the financial and psychological injury.

Everyone else… Come join the club.