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3:05pm EST

Thank you Mets Pitching Staff an_praise.. Public was POUNDING Yank’s so hard yesterday afternoon that the Money Line Ballooned before game went off, upwards of +225.. Allowing Mushy to turn a .500 DOG DAY into a POT OF GOLD!!


Short 1/2 MLB schedule today …Diamond Slate on any given day resembles more of a Mine Field an_bomb and Thus,..Must Navigate w/ CAUTION… Grab a Bowl and head inside for what PROMISES to be ANOTHER PROFITABLE dog🐶 DAY!!!

(Only have to hit 1 of these to have a nice day.. Hit Both, and YOU’RE in the new_money_eyes)


Mushy an_woo– Don’t leave home without him!!!!



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2:41pm EST

Quick Pick has been EN FUEGO!!  an_burn_money

Can it continue???

Couple late inning Rallies kept us from turning the Profit we were looking for Yesterday…But ONLY find ourselves down 1/2 unit with Detroit coming through at 1.5 to 1!!.. Very important when playing the Diamonds to be CONSISTENT with unit play.. with money line odds fluctuating between even money and 1 to 2, 2.5 on any given day..Disciplined money management is the ONLY way to stay In the GAME!!

Come inside and hang w “The Family” on this Lazy Sunday…Mushy is Determined to find a 2-0 UNDERDOG Day on the Afternoon MLB Schedule..



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12:05pm EST

No need to Celebrate a Warriors Victory…

was IN THE BAG…!! Not to mention the Bay Area will do more than enough celebrating for us ALL! an_dance


Got some CASH to start sweeping up Today on the Baseball Diamond..  a WHOLE Smorgasbord of Action.. Grab a Bowl and Spoon and come Inside and Smell what the MUSH’s Been Cookin’


cloverBOLcloverMake it ANOTHER Profitable Day!!clover



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5:30pm EST


Baseball is ONLY starting to look Better and Better as it will soon be the Majority of our Attention and FOCUS Here…and when Mushy Focuses.., Hide all Your FLAMMABLES an_burningbag


NBA Season looks like it will be following suit right behind the NHL, Correct???


Can LeBron James put 11 Grown men on his wide Shoulders and carry them to Victory??


Some incredibly strange action taking place at the BOOKS Today, here in Vegas!


Pop inside for a unique perspective and analysis of what’s going on…and how you can CAPITALIZE!!!


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5:07pm EST


to “Quote” the English Scholar.., BIG Sean

0-2 Night

Knights left it ALL on the ice.. All you could ask for! Hopefully someone in “The Family” decided to follow Mushy’s Elimination Game strategy “Sure to Payoff”

.. It DID!!

As we look to BOUNCE BACK here Friday Afternoon.. Another Elimination Game just HOURS AWAY!!!

Head Inside and check out how Mushy wants you to PLAY Tonight’s BARN BURNER!!!


Bounce, Bounce

cloverBEST OF LUCK clover

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Within 24 Hours!!!?!?!?!?!?


Grab your hanky new_crying2Sport Fans…??

Luckily .., in 7 days.. 2018 World Cup ⚽ – “The Beautiful Game” should help Ease some of the Pain…


BUT, thats still a week away… We NEED Nourishment TODAY!!!!

Mushy has some betting strategies that are GUARANTEED to PAYOFF!! (these Elimination opportunities DON’T HAPPEN EVERYDAY!!!!)

Come inside Friends…Mushy is laying down a GOLDEN Walkway … and like always…Doin’ it with a Smile🤑

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THANK YOU Jason Heyward!!! an_praise

Kept us from posting a losing night in the Bottom of the 9th with Bases Loaded,. 2 Outs and 2 Strikes.. Sent the Faithful home HAPPY but more importantly Kept the Family in the Green an_burn_money

So what’s Cookin’ on the stove for To-Knight??!!?!?!?!?

Grab a Bowl and Come inside for an insightful Prediction that is certain to line the pockets of “The Family”…



Oh…that Warriors call didn’t SUCK either quiet


-love Mushyclover

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The LACKLUSTER performance that the Cavaliers displayed at Oracle in Game 2 is Surely to carry over to the Home Court Right?? Player for Player, position to position, Except for Lebron James, the Warriors are just more talented. At any point in the Game they appear to be able to turn it On and Off like a faucet.. How in the world can the Cav’s possibly rebound from Game 1’s Debacle and Game 2’s THRASHING?? Those guys Look Demoralized… and possibly know inside their own heads that THEY CAN’T WIN,.. New Trap City?!?!?

Find out Inside what “The Family” thinks and Get this EXCLUSIVE PICK tomorrow Only

in our QUICK PICK / Registered User section (ONLY $5 Bucks!! for 2 weeks.. 1st week FREE)

Warriors are Presently a 4.5 pt Favorite (as of 6:45 EST 6/5/18)

Don’t go it ALONE… Traps and Pitfalls EVERYWHERE… and These Lines are EXTRA SHARP Now!!!

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