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4:17pm EST

Keeping our head in “The Game” and SCOURING the Board for those EASY Opportunities.. Able to capitalize on an Easy Total Yesterday that Was SCREAMING OUT Hammer an_smashand In the BAG by the end of the 4th Inning!!

No long drawn out Stories here.. Mushy is JUST committed to getting it Done.. There is NO DOUBT in our MINDS that we can finish the Month on a 75+% RUN!!! If you’ve ever contemplated getting on Board… NOW’S THE TIME!!!


-mushy   an_woo 🇱🇷 


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5:13pm EST


No Excuses, Just solutions… 6 Full days in June remaining and we are POISED for Success… Confidence in knowing we are on the Right Track and Sharp enough to GO GET IT!!

What appears to be some Super Lopsided contests Today in the Majors..

MLB CHC LAD Mon. Jun 25
10:10 pm ET
MLB LAA KC Mon. Jun 25
4:15 pm ET
MLB SEA BAL Mon. Jun 25
7:05 pm ET
MLB CIN ATL Mon. Jun 25
7:35 pm ET
MLB SD TEX Mon. Jun 25
8:05 pm ET
MLB CLE STL Mon. Jun 25
8:15 pm ET

FOLLOW Mushy and Get on the RIGHT SIDE Tonight… ONLY $5 buck for what promises to be a Huge Closeout to JUNE!!!


cloverBEST OF LUCK clover



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2:50pm EST

Saturday MLB and the Baseball Gods once again reminding us to Stay Humble.. Lots of Favorites going downan_burningbag, making it extremely difficult at times to gain any type of footing. Luckily Mushy is here to light the way with his unwavering commitment to Excellence.. WE WON’T ACCEPT ANYTHING BUT WINNING!!!

7 Solid days remaining in June.. This is where we MAKE OUR MONTH.. Jump on the Mushy Train and with “The Family” cash in on what is Certain to be a June to Remember!!

TRAPS, PITFALLS, and Psychological Attempts by the

ODDS MAKERS to SKEW your Decision Making and Thought Process at EVERY TURN…

Arm Yourselves Friendsnew_anvil


cloverBOL Tonite!!clover


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5:06pm EST

Another Positive DAY!! and Mushy is DOING EXACTLY as promised.. Digging out a PROFIT here for the Month of JUNE..

Keeping with that trend.. we are FOCUSING in on 2 Late MLB Matchups today.. Both of which are CERTAIN to HIT!!! Don’t miss out on Mushy’s late June Victory Lap… Come inside, JOIN THE FAMILY, and START PROFITING from Mushy’s UNRIVALED MLB analysis..

ACCESS Members Only section “QUICK PICK” 2 weeks of plays for ONLY $5 bucks .. You WON’T BE SORRY!!!

you can Thank me later…- love Mushy

cloverBEST OF LUCK clover

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5:53pm EST

We called on the Baseball Gods to be kind to us., and they RESPONDED!!! We’ve been doing our homework all month long, and taken some bumps along the way.. but as Mushy pointed out.. ALL ABOUT STAYING IN THE GAME… Eliminate to lows and HIGHS and “Stay the Course”! new_money_eyes

Super FOCUSED here this Final stretch of JUNE.. Determined to TURN A PROFIT for the Family THIS MONTH!!!

Don’t MISS OUT on Mushy’s FINAL STRETCH RUN!! Profits are sure to be POURING IN!!!

Grab a Bowl, Head inside the Members Only section and PLAY Mushy’s daily QUICK PICK only $5 BUCKS for 14 days of PLAYS!!


cloverBOLcloverMake it ANOTHER Profitable Day!!clover




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4:54pm EST

Back in the GREEN thanks to the Rangers extending KC’s SLIDE to 9 Now! Unfortunately the Royals are off until tomorrow when they go into Houston.. Arguably the HOTTEST team in the Majors… Until then.., Mushy is HONING in on 2 Matchups on this SHORT Afternoon Schedule that are CERTAIN to make “The Family” PROUD!!an_woo

Please Join the MOVEMENT as we look to TORCH the Books on this “back 9” of June.

Grab a BOWL and PROFIT from our Quick Picks (Members Only $5 BUCKS!!!)…

cloverBEST OF LUCK clover


It’s Either In the BAG….or YOU’RE JUST PLAYIN’ GAMES!!

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5:38pm EST

Moving right thru the week and Scouring the MLB schedule for the Opportunities to make our month  PROFITABLE! Don’t miss out on Mushy’s HOT STREAK to close out JUNE… With only 10 days remaining, we’re 100% confident that We WILL get it done!!! Please come inside (JUST $5 BUCKS FOR 2 WEEKS) and join The Family!


Lets make it a PROFITABLE Day!!💰


clover BOLclover 

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4:07pm EST

0-1 Last Eve.. Dodgers Cubs Matchup last Eve was cancelled due to Weather not cooperating.


Today included… 12 opportunities remaining in June to make this a PROFITABLE MONTH! Mushy hasn’t exactly been lighting it up the past 5 days.. but that is Par for the course as they say.. And can change in a MOMENTS Notice…

With a FULL LATE SLATE Today.. We see OPPORTUNITIES ABOUND!!! Don’t miss out on Mushy’s Late month RUN!!! Guaranteed to see some RETURNS for our LOYAL FOLLOWERS..Please JOIN the MOVEMENT.., as we have requested the assistance of HIGHER POWERS today to GAIN THE EDGE..


cloverBEST OF LUCK clover


It’s Either In the BAG….or YOU’RE JUST PLAYIN’ GAMES!!
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6:30pm EST

Letting us DOWN on Dad’s Day… Thought we were always cool?!

Your Season’s OVER! Mushy’s calling on the Baseball Gods to Rain down the Losing Streak to end all SLIDES!! We will definitely be FADING San Diego from here on out…

Short late schedule on this TGIM and Mushy is certain that We’re on the RIGHT SIDE of 2 Home Teams this eve…an_woo

Don’t miss out on a MUSHY Streak… after dropping a few, we’ve got the Foresight to KNOW We’re COMING BACK STRONG!!!!


Grab a Bowl and head inside for what’s sure to be a GOLDEN Knight!!new_money_eyes





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11:09am EST

..no lookin’ back

Sunday, the DAY of rest and Relaxation… and a SPECIAL Father’s Day Pot of MUSH just for DAD!

Baseball, can seem like a coin toss with the Unpredictable nature of the BEAST at times…and factor in some of these HUGE $ Money Lines the “books” have been throwing up… Like walking into a Spinning Airplane Propeller new_anvil


Luckily we were able to curb some of that risk yesterday with Arizona’s Run Line +120. (-180 game time money line.. that was a Loser right out of the gate)


The Amazing Mushy Man is in the TRENCHES right beside You!

TRAPS, PITFALLS, and Psychological Attempts by the

ODDS MAKERS to SPIN your Decision Making and Thought Process at EVERY TURN…


Mushy couldn’t be MORE confident in a 3-0 day!…please join us Inside for what SHOULD BE A PADRES DAY TO REMEMBER!!! (ONLY $5 Bucks for 2 WEEKS of Quick Picks!!)


cloverBOLcloverMake it A Profitable Day!!clover



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